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Spotlight: Lead Generation ROI

Measuring the ROI of lead generation marketing can be challenging given the multiple touchpoints, long sales cycles and pass-off of leads to a sales organization.
These resources can help: (Click on Image to view Resources)

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Measuring Marketing ROI -2 Day Workshop

This top-rated American Marketing Association event presented by Jim Lenskold breaks down the measurement techniques and financial calculations to assess and improve marketing ROI.

Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2017 (Chicago)

CMO Council Webcast

Catch this live round-table discussion on best practices to create order from chaos, bringing actionable insights from marketing programs to enhance results and prove ROI.
Listen to a recorded webcast featuring Jim Lenskold as part of a roundtable discussion on “wrangling the chaos” of data to create actionable marketing insights that guide improvements to results and ROI.


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